FEZ Vitebsk
Free Economic Zone Vitebsk
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The Free Economic Zone Vitebsk (FEZ Vitebsk) is a part of the Republic of Belarus territory with strictly defined borders where special preferential regime of fax and customs regulations is implied.

Investment proposals

The Administration of the Free Economic Zone Vitebsk

P. Brovky str. 50, 210605 Vitebsk The Republic of Belarus
Tel / Fax: +375 /212/ 26 08 02
E-mail: fez@vitebsk.by

The Administration of the FEZ Vitebsk offers to participate in investment projects financing. It is planned to realize them at FEZ Vitebsk territory with tax and custom preferences.

  • The organization in FEZ Vitebsk the production of bricks based on the basis of carbonate strata by dry pressing method without heat treatment (Download);
  • The organization in FEZ Vitebsk the production of ultra-sound gas and liquids counters for industrial and communal purposes, the Republic of Belarus (Download);
  • Construction of wooden frame-house plant of Canadian technology (Download);
  • Expansion of the production of PVC and aluminum sash and door pulley, production of fronts from aluminum construction and glass (Download);
  • The organization in FEZ Vitebsk the production of dry pectin and pectin comprising products (Download);
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