FEZ Vitebsk
Free Economic Zone Vitebsk
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The Free Economic Zone Vitebsk (FEZ Vitebsk) is a part of the Republic of Belarus territory with strictly defined borders where special preferential regime of fax and customs regulations is implied.

The existence of highly qualified work force in the region
State Guarantees
Structure of planned investments
Registration of residents
Investment proposals

The Administration of the Free Economic Zone Vitebsk

P. Brovky str. 50, 210605 Vitebsk The Republic of Belarus
Tel / Fax: +375 /212/ 26 08 02
E-mail: fez@vitebsk.by

Another advantage of the FEZ Vitebsk is the existence of highly skilled work force in Vitebsk region.
The system of vocational training and higher education in Vitebsk consists of state and none-state educational establishments.

  • 3 state and 1 none-state universities.
  • 1 Veterinary academy
  • 5 colleges
  • 14 Vocational-technical schools.

Traditionally the system of education in Vitebsk specializes on preparation of highly qualified (seamstresses, fashion designers, cutters, industrial engineers) workers for food industry, builders, as well as managers, economists lawyers and foreign languages specialists.

Thus, there is a real possibility to implement new high technologies and modern industrial equipment with comparatively low financial expenses.

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