FEZ Vitebsk
Free Economic Zone Vitebsk
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The Free Economic Zone Vitebsk (FEZ Vitebsk) is a part of the Republic of Belarus territory with strictly defined borders where special preferential regime of fax and customs regulations is implied.

State Guarantees
Structure of planned investments
Registration of residents
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The Administration of the Free Economic Zone Vitebsk

P. Brovky str. 50, 210605 Vitebsk The Republic of Belarus
Tel / Fax: +375 /212/ 26 08 02
E-mail: fez@vitebsk.by

Economic activity of the Free Economic Zone "Vitebsk" resident-companies are regulated by number of legislative documents.
The rights of foreign producers on the FEZ "Vitebsk" territory are protected by system of state guarantees, which is stipulated by the legislature of the Republic of Belarus on foreign investments:

  • Investments Code of the Republic of Belarus;
  • Law on "Free Economic Zones";
  • Provision on Free Economic Zone "Vitebsk".

These legislative documents guarantee the observance of the following rights and preferences on the FEZ "Vitebsk" territory:

  • Investors independently form their production programmes, set prices and organize sales and distribution;
  • The legislative acts, which can complicate or worsen economic activities of productions with foreign capitals are not implied;
  • Nationalization, requisition or any other similar measures towards investors' property are not acceptable on the FEZ "Vitebsk" territory.


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