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Industrial development of sapropel deposit of 9 m depth on the lake Chiornoe
Branch Industry
Enterprise name Executive committee of Luninets district
Enterprise details
Form of ownership  
Head of the enterprise  
Project name Industrial development of sapropel deposit on the lake Chiornoe
Project purpose Sapropel winning and treatment for gardening of seedling and domestic flowers
Project state Investment offer
Production (services) proposed for output Sapropel.
Main product markets Republic of Belarus, Russian Federation

Total project value
(thousands US Dollar)

ca. 1 900
Investments demand
(thousands US Dollar)
ca. 1 900
Investors participation form Creation of an enterprise of any ownership form
Offer for investor  
Period of project realization acc. business plan
Payback period

acc. business plan

Place of project realization lake Chiornoe, Luninets district
Areas of investments application Organization of sapropel winning and treatment
Availability of business plan none
Offer is done by

Economic department of the executive committee of Luninets district
+ 375 1647/ 2 16 90, 2 18 41