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Creation of a production object
Location Molodiozhnaya Str., vil. Malye Radvanichi, Radvanichi village council,† Brest region
Total square of ground area, hectare 0,5
Form of ownership state
Possible use of ground area Creation of a production object
Availability of building project none
Kinds of ground area granting Lease
Cadastral price of ground area, 1 sq.meter /US Dollar 0,49
Water supply (available or none)


Sewerage (available or none) none
Gas supply available
Power supply (available or none) available

Access road

gravel surfacing
Distance to Brest, km 16
Highway distance, km 0,5
Contact person

Mikhail Batsenko, Deputy Chief of economic department of the district executive committee

Viktor Zdanovich, Chief of land surveying office of the district executive committee
Phone, e-mail:

+375 162 23 41 98,
mobil: +375 29 667 34 66,