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Technical retooling of production facilities of УPolesieФ JSC. Installation of an in-house heat-and-power engineering supply and automation of enterprise management process
Manufacture of biaxially-oriented grids doubled with geotextiles
Building of 6 to 8 processing lines of crushed stone manufacture on Sitnitsy building stone deposit
Output development of little architectural forms
Manufacture of nonwoven materials by force of thermal bonding
Building of a brick factory with the application of clay from the deposit in the district of village Milejki, Ivatsevichi district
Erection of a plant of building materials of steam-cured aerated concrete
Building of a ceramic brick plant with capacity of 30 mln. pieces per year
Construction of a new engineering building
Arrangement in Luninets of joint venture for car and bus repair and maintenance
Arrangement of geomembrane manufacture
Manufacture of finished building materials of undersized broken rock
Manufacture of silicate cotton of basalt