Ќачало ¬иртуальные выставки PP Polesie JV, Ltd ——Raw Materials

Raw Materials

We use low and high density polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, ABS and colorants of major petrochemical concerns of Western and Eastern Europe.


Raw materials used: ABS, PP, SBS, HDPE, LDPE.

Suppliers: BASF (Germany), Basell (Belgium), Borealis (Austria), Chevron (USA), Unipetrol RPA (Czech), TVK (Hungary), Stavrolen (Russia), Polimir (Belarus).

Master Batches:

Ampacet Ц Belgium;
Colortec Quimica Ц Spain;
Euromaster, Bars-2 †Ц Russia;
Cromex Ц Brazil;
Schulmann Ц Germany.


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